Hoopes Vineyard

Hoopes Vineyard is located in the southernmost part of Oakville, where Yount Mill Road divides the Oakville and Yountville sub-appellations of Napa Valley. The vineyard grows vigorously. Nestled against a hill, and sitting firmly in the flood zone of the Napa River, Hoopes Vineyard has uniquely diverse and fertile alluvial soils despite the small ten-acre size. Farmed and picked by hand, the unique Hoopes fruit receives the highest attention throughout the entire grapegrowing process. The microclimate is very cool in the evening and mostly moderate heat throughout the day. The vineyard produces some of the best Cabernet in the valley due to the unique site, clone, and soil combination.

This pretty pink wine comes to the table with substance and character but is still easy to sip. It has bright aromas of sun-ripened strawberry, guava and just a hint of herbs de Provence. The thread of fresh fruit follows into...

Napa Valley
$35.00 750ml

A scrumptious, fresh wine with sweet aromas of rose petal, crème soda, red cherry and ruby red grapefruit. The volume of aroma translates beautifully on the palate with the juiciness of ripe strawberries followed by...


Napa Valley
$35.00 750ml
Clean, fresh and pretty aromas of rose petal, carnations, white nectarine and ruby red grapefruit. The thread of juicy citrus follows into the mouth along with flavors of red cherry juice and guava nectar. Finish is at once crisp and...
Napa Valley
$35.00 750ml

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There is no mistaking Mountain Merlot. Rich, dark notes of cocoa and espresso unfold to sappy bayberry, fresh lavender, blackberry, carnations, and candied violets. The lush and generous palate gives way to ripe, sweet, tannins and flavors of black cherry and dark chocolate. The mouthwatering...

Howell Mountain
$60.00 750ml